How G-Force Helps You Move Forward.

Organizations do not start broken, but whole.

At G-Force, we understand strategic initiatives as growth not driven by conflict, but by the desire for meaning and purpose.

G-Force centers its work in the process of Appreciative Inquiry. Rather than trying to “fix” problems, Appreciative Inquiry helps you and your organization create something “new” by focusing on what works and brings life to you and your people.

Below is the four-step model of Appreciative Inquiry combined with G-Force’s model of outcomes.

Discover: Values and Spirit

• Whether an individual or organization, we begin by acknowledging who you are.

• We’ll take time to discover what your moments of excellence have been, what your core values and strengths are that have made you the person you are, the organization you are.

• We’ll inquire as to what makes you and your people feel most alive whether at work, with family or in community.

Dream: Vision

• By tapping into your rich positive core, you’re ready to inquire as to what is possible and what can be.

• You’re ready to dream about a future of you and your people’s deepest hopes and aspirations. go beyond the status quo and challenge myths and assumptions that have held you back.

Design: Strategy

• We’ll begin by building a strong foundation and structure for your vision to be fully realized based on your values.

• You’ll design strategic initiatives formulated by you and your stakeholders by inquiring into your processes, your reward systems, your communication, your collaborations and your decision process so they are congruent with your vision.

Destiny: Implement

• You’ll live your destiny by generating action plans, timetables and deliverables.

• You’ll reach your destiny by being held accountable to the people that matter: yourself, your family, your co-workers, your stakeholders

What is Appreciative Inquiry?

“Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a capacity-building process that begins by valuing the organization and the culture in which it is embedded; by learning about the organization, its relationships, and its environment; and by identifying and building on existing strengths rather than examining in detail problems and deficiencies.

Appreciative Inquiry puts organizations back in touch with their “deepest living values.” And it can help an organization create its niche by identifying its collective hopes and dreams and then designing a process for realizing them.

Appreciative Inquiry develops four important competencies:

• Affirmative competence – the capacity to focus on what the organization has done well in the past and is doing well in the present

• Generative competence – the capacity to allow stakeholders to experience the impact of their contribution toward a higher purpose

• Expansive competence – the ability to go beyond familiar ways of thinking

• Collaborative Competence – the power of dialogue to transform systems

(excerpted from Creating Appreciative Learning Cultures – Frank J. Barrett)

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